Surfside Tennis Club By-Laws Revision 6 - Approved

Surfside Tennis Club By-Laws Revision 6 - Approved Print



The name of this non-profit all-volunteer organization is Surfside Tennis Club, Incorporated (referenced herein as Surfside)



As a community Tennis Association (CTA ID#922032596) of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Surfside fosters national and international amateur tennis competition, especially in the greater California Estero Bay area. This corporation is a non-profit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Non-Profit Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes.

  1. Surfside is classified under CA Code 23701d as a charitable organization operated exclusively for the purposes set forth in Article II including supporting the Girls’ and Boys’ Tennis Teams at Morro Bay High School to develop athletes for tennis competition.
  2. No substantial part of the activities of Surfside shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and this corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  3. The property of Surfside is irrevocably dedicated to the purposes in Article II and II.1 hereof and no part of the net income or assets of this corporation shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof or the benefit of any private person.



  1. Dues, donations, and any supplemental fund-raising shall support club activities. 
  2. Expenditures may be made to accomplish the purposes in Article II including but not limited to, maintenance and refurbishing of courts, tennis supplies, and member team-building social activities.  Expenditures for youth activities shall be approved each year by a majority vote of the board members present at a board meeting.  
  3. The Treasurer has the authority to spend up to $200 for recurring expenses.  All other expenses up to $500 must have board approval.   Expenses above $500 must receive approval of the majority of members attending a general meeting that has been announced two weeks in advance via mail or email.  Insurance premiums and USTA membership dues shall be paid after Board review and approval.
  4. Each January an audit committee consisting of the Vice President and one Board-appointed Director shall review the previous year’s treasurer’s reports of income, expenditures, checking, and savings. The audit committee shall examine a random sampling of the original documentation justifying expense and income items and reconcile the reports with bank statements. The audit committee shall report their findings to the Board at its first meeting of the fiscal year. 
  5. Upon the potential dissolution of Surfside, its assets remaining after payment, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of Surfside shall be distributed to the Morro Bay High School Tennis program


  1. Membership shall be open to all applicants.  Non-members may play at standard Saturday group tennis for a maximum of one month before being required to join the club by paying dues. 
  2. Dues are payable annually in April of each year and are delinquent in July.  In August, delinquents may be removed from the mailing list.  Dues for new members joining between October and April are half the annual rate
  3. Voting, participation in the club’s tournaments and social activities, and activities entirely devoted to tennis training (e.g., clinics), shall be open only to currently paid-up members.  “Paid-up” is defined as having paid dues to a Board member for deposit in Surfside accounts by the Treasurer.
  4. Each paid-up member shall receive a current membership roster and a copy of the club’s bylaws. 
  5. Dues amounts and late penalties shall be reviewed annually and updated to meet budget requirements.
  6. The Board may grant honorary membership to past members of distinction and others who have made significant contributions to achieving the Purposes described in Article II.  Honorary members do not pay dues.
  7. Guests of paid-up members can participate with them in the club’s social events.


  1. Surfside’s Board consists of all Officers and Appointive Directors. A quorum for Board meetings is 51% of the active board membership, either present in person or represented by proxy.
  2. The Board:

a) establishes policies and procedures for meeting the purposes of Surfside as defined in Article II.

b) reviews and approves the annual budget

c) plans and implements tennis competition and social events within the club.

d) plans and implements tennis and social events with other tennis-oriented groups

e) arranges facilities for club meetings, activities, and play.

3. The immediate past President may be an ex-officio member of the board and may vote on any business before the board.



1. Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. The President shall preside at all meetings, conduct the affairs of the club, make committee assignments, be an ex-officio member of all club committees, and arrange the time and place of meetings.

3. The Vice-President shall act for the President when absent and assist the President as needed.  The Vice president coordinates with the Tournament Director to monitor tennis court conditions.

4. The Secretary shall record and retain a permanent record of the proceedings at all board and general meetings.  The Secretary shall also receive and reply to all correspondence at the board’s request.

5. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and, with the help of the Secretary, advise members of delinquencies and terminations. The Treasurer shall maintain financial records and report to the board and membership. The Treasurer shall manage insurance, regulatory, and tax issues. The Treasurer shall propose an annual budget including current status, forecast of revenues, and itemized anticipated expenses.



1. Appointive directors’ responsibilities include: Tournaments, Social, Membership, Editor, Historian, Central Coast Women’s Tennis League (CCWTL) and Webmaster

2. The Editor and Membership Director shall jointly publicize club activities and participation opportunities.

3. The Tournament Director shall work with the Vice-President and Social Director in organizing tournaments and post-tournament activities.  The Tournament Director facilitates standard Saturday group tennis and coordinates routine court upkeep and maintenance.

4 The Social Director shall organize the annual holiday party and other social events.

5. The Editor shall publish, on a recurring basis, a newsletter containing news about club activities.  The Editor shall also prepare any notices of special meetings.

6. The Historian shall keep a well-ordered scrapbook of club memorabilia, which shall be made available for general meetings and social events.  Photos and photocopies shall be shared with the Webmaster. The Historian shall collect and store any records, documents, or chronicles created by retiring officers that may be valuable for future use.

7. The Membership Director shall prepare and distribute an updated list of all members in October of each year.  The Membership Director shall also facilitate member recruitment and retention.

8. The CCWTL Director shall organize Surfside’s participation in the Central Coast Women’s Tennis League.

9. The Webmaster(s) shall maintain and update the club’s information on the club’s website.  Attendance at Board meetings is optional at the discretion of the Webmaster(s)).


  1. A meeting of the general membership shall be held annually in April.  
  2. Board meetings shall be held at least quarterly to conduct the regular business of the club.
  3. A majority of those present or represented by proxy shall be sufficient to pass or reject motions on any business before the club.


1. Election of officers shall be held during the annual meeting in April with installation in May.

2. The current board shall act as an elections committee to receive nominations and develop a slate of candidates that is announced at least two weeks before the annual meeting.  Nominations may also be made from the floor at the annual meeting.  

3. A majority vote of members present or represented by proxy will elect officers.



  1. Any member of the club may propose a change in the bylaws by submitting suggested wording to the President who shall include it as a new business item on the agenda at the next board meeting.  The member will discuss the proposed change with the board prior to its dissemination to the membership.
  2. Changes or amendments to these bylaws shall be made as follows. Proposed changes shall be communicated by mail or email to the general membership.
  1. A vote by the general membership may be made at a general meeting of which members have been notified two weeks in advance. 
  2. A two-thirds majority of members present at the meeting or represented by proxy shall be required to approve the changes.


*Surfside Tennis Club was formed in 1978, and the club’s first bylaws were drafted in February of that year.  Over the years, the bylaws were revised several times and again in Fall 2016 to facilitate incorporation, as approved unanimously at a general membership meeting on December 3, 2016. Amendments were also approved at the 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings. Article II.1. was amended at a general meeting on October 2, 2021, to meet the tax exempt standards of the CA Franchise Tax Board. Documents pertaining to the history of the club, including bylaws, are maintained in the club’s archives and on its website.

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