Turkey Tussle Tournament Rules

Turkey Tussle Tournament Rules Print
1. Assignment of # generally dependent on time of arrival at courts. Earliest arriving players have lower # and less likelihood of sitting out any sets.

2. The usual Saturday format is used. Partners change each set and are determined by # pairing  on chart displayed. Partners will change with every new set for a total of 4 sets. Tournament Chair ( or whoever is in charge) is sole determinant of assignment of players in odd or even category.

3. Tournament Chair ( or whoever is in charge) will negotiate Odd or Even player status to obtain balance as much as possible.

4. No-Ad scoring. Play all 8 games in a set. 4-4 scores are recorded therefore no 9th games.

5. Tie-breaks: Odd # serve to odd # and even # serve to even #.

6. Spin racket to determine who has choice of serve or receive. Loser of spin gets either choice of serving or what side to defend. This all depends on what winner of spin chooses.

7. If # of players not divisible by 4 then the players Xed out are awarded 4 wins for the rounds they are sitting out. However those players arriving after 9am and play has begun will be awarded zero points for sets they had to sit out.

8. Non-members are welcome to play in Tussle but will not be eligible for gift certificates should they have highest score in Odd or even division.

9. Turkey gift certificates will be awarded to the two odd numbered players with the highest number of games won over 4 sets and the same of the top two even numbered players. Ties broken by racket spin.

This an informal tournament compared to the Wretched. No food or drink supplied before or after play. So if you need a fluid or food boost please bring it with you.  We supply all tennis balls.

No deadline on entering so even at the last minute you can show up. IF you know for certain you can OR cannot play just drop me a line to give me some idea of how many we might have.

If you have any questions, then just e-mail me: Jerry Davis  jdavis61@charter.net.
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