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President Keith Crowfoot and I regret to announce that our long time former Surfside President, Ted Olsen, died this morning at 2 AM.  For the past several years Ted endured increasingly debilitating Parkinson’s disease while residing at the Bayshore Care Center in Morro Bay. Our condolences go out to his family and especially his loving wife, Sandi, whose visits during the Covid pandemic were many times limited to waving through an outside window. 

Surfside archives indicate Ted served as President prior to 2004 and then served in social, Saturday event, and executive board capacities, being last designated as the 2009 Tournament Chair. Though she did not play tennis, Sandi recorded meeting minutes during Ted’s presidential tenure.  Sandi and Ted continued to be very popular social event organizers and hosts during their later active years. 

Ted had a highly successful career in sales after graduating from USC where he fondly remembered playing on the Trojan marching band.  Silvio DeSantis confirmed that today by writing “He was a genial, nice man who was the most dedicated USC fan around. I will miss him.”

Knowing Ted mainly from our interaction on the tennis court, I vividly recall Ted's uncanny ability to return hard volleys by just sticking his racket out at the right time and angle.  He had muscle memory and court placement sensibility from his youth that made him competitive long after he had the ability to cover the whole court.  Ted continued playing well after "numerous" knee and shoulder replacements, something that takes away some of the apprehension that I feel about getting my own future shoulder replacement.

We will inform you about memorial services that the family is planning to be held post-pandemic. 

May Ted Olsen REST IN PEACE. Following is a picture of Ted on the right with his best buddy Peter King. He loved the game.