Tennis Lessons from Harold Maier

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Rackets and strings

I've noticed that some folks are playing with old rackets and want to encourage you to consider replacing them with new rackets. You can get a decent one for 70-80 bucks and it's worth it. New technology and newly developed composite materials make them easier on your arm, elbow and shoulder. Also, you should all re-string your rackets at least twice a year but never longer than a year. Old strings, out of tension, are also bad for your arm, elbow and shoulder. Not to mention their erratic play. You will be happy you did. Tennis Warehouse will re-string for $15 plus string. They can help you with type of string and tension. I use Prince Topspin and string at 58-60. I would suggest you string yours at the middle of the range on the racket.

Take Care, Harold

PS. Folks ARE improving but it is difficult to learn new things, it can be uncomfortable but it will pay off in the end. In the words of Jimmy Valvano " never, never give up"

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