March 1, 2014 Surfside Spring Dinner

March 1, 2014 Surfside Spring Dinner Print

The Surfside Tennis Club Spring Dinner was held Saturday, March 1st, 2014
5:30pm thru 8:30p. This pot-luck event was held at the club house at Bayview Shores

Hosted by Carolyn McGowen, at 184 Bayshore Drive,off Main St. in Morro Bay.

Appetizers were provided by members: S-Z  Main Dish G-L  Side Dish A-F Dessert M-R

The club provided Sliced Turkey Loaf plus wine, beer, H20, and soft drinks.

Our social chairman and assistant Silvio De Santis at (805) 772-7510(805) 772-7510] and Ana Hartig-Ferrer at (805) 782-0407(805) 782-0407], who organized this event did yet another outstanding job.

Recap of Spring Dinner from Board Minutes.

Silvio DeSantis/Ana Hartig The board commended Sil and Ana for a job well done.

The board also noted that the Bayview Shores location for the event was popular with members. [The use of the community center at Bayview Shores is free to us, thanks to Carolyn McGowan who is a resident there. By contrast, the Red Barn in Los Osos can be rented from SLO County Parks and Recreation for about $139.]

The board thought that having ceramic plates (instead of paper plates as in the past) and metal silverware (instead of plastic tools as in the past) was an improvement. Ana is storing these items for future use.

The board questioned whether the music might have been too loud. There was no consensus on that issue, but the general opinion was that background music was a positive addition.

Mike mentioned that some food items appeared to be gone when in fact more was available behind the counter. Carl suggested that, when the social chairs are busy, board members could be observant and available to back them up.

Mike mentioned that events like this are a good opportunity for the president to publicly introduce new members.

Pictures from the event may be found here: Surfside Spring Potluck Dinner March 1, 2014




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