2016 MBHS Boys Tennis Tournament Fundraiser

2016 MBHS Boys Tennis Tournament Fundraiser Print
Hi All,
Thanks to everyone who made this weekend's fundraising tournament another big success and a really fun day! 
What makes this day so special for me is not just the great turnout and show of support for our team and the school.  It's the generous spirit and sense of community that each one of you brings to our event that is truly heartwarming.   
Congratulations to all of our winners!  Chris Gilbert and Lisa Denker took the title in the advanced division with 2nd place going to Bill Saiki and Colleen Vecchetti.  Intermediate division winners were Lynne Robinette and Jacqui Springer who topped Clay and Masha Schroeder in the finals.  And novices Rose Bodrian and Haillee Revalee won their division with Lucas and Craig Burton coming in 2nd. Tournament Winners
Thanks to Tennis Warehouse, once again, for their sponsorship and continued support.  Winners in each division received a $25 gift card to Tennis Warehouse.  Runners-up received a TW backpack!
And thanks to Surfside Tennis Club and Five Cities Tennis Association for their continued contributions to our efforts.  We had a huge turnout of Surfside players again this year and are grateful to them for their support and for the sportsmanship and good vibes they bring to the event.
And lastly, thanks to Karen Janzen and the rest of our parents for the delicious brunch they provided and for being such a positive influence throughout our season.
I hope everyone had a great time and hope to see you again in the fall for the girls tournament when we should be playing on newly resurfaced courts!
Kathy Dannecker
Morro Bay High School Tennis Coach


For several years Surfside has conducted a lottery to provide half the entry fee to stimulate members to participate in the MBHS Fund raiser tournaments.  Several officers and other members have suggested that is too much effort - - that just as much money would be raised for promoting youth tennis at MBHS by simply donating $100 to MBHS and urging Surfside members to pay a $20 donation and make their own arrangements.   Now is the opportunity to test that speculation as I will be unavailable to promote the lottery and arrange the pairings over the next three weeks.  

Next steps: 
  • The announcement is attached. 2016 MBHS Boys Tennis Tournament Flyer I will repeat this mailing several times as reminders. Earlier entry is encouraged.
  • Please print the entry form and mail your completed form with your $20 check, your partner's name, and your level of play to the MBHS address listed. 
  • Peter Sarafian will send a $100 Surfside donation check to MBHS
  • Kathy Dannecker will tabulate the resulting entries to see if this method raises the same or more funds from Surfside in comparison to recent tournaments.
  • Best wishes for success in your respective divisions
Carl Pherson

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