Surfside General Liability Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Surfside General Liability Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Print

Meeting of Surfside Tennis Club was held at 1:00 PM after Saturday play on July 9, 2016, in the Community Room of Morro Shores Mobile Home Park located at 633 Ramona Avenue in Los Osos.

Approved Minutes

The purpose of this general meeting was to discuss and vote to authorize (YES or NO) expenditures of up to $1100 to purchase General Liability and Directors and Officers Liability insurance for the upcoming fiscal year.  

Liability insurance has been a business item on your Board’s meeting agenda since January 2016.  Taking into consideration the controversial discussions that have occurred among many members, the Board held a special meeting on June 13 and recommended insurance purchase.  Our Bylaws in Article VI.5 require  “Expenses above $500 must receive approval of the majority of members attending a general meeting that has been announced two weeks in advance via mail or email.”  

After over an hours worth of discussion and a detailed presentation by Carl Pherson a vote was held of the attending members. The vote was recorded as 19 Yeah and 1 Nay. The club will join the USTA and enroll in the General Liability and Directors and Officer Insurance policies offered by the USTA. The cost to the club was presented as $35/year for membership in the USTA, $165/year for General Liability Insurance, and $560/year for Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance. These insurance policies are based upon a calendar year beginning in January and ending in December. The cost for this year is expected to be pro-rated and we are hoping to have all necessary prerequisite requirements completed within the next few months at which time we can apply for membership and insurance.

Prior to joining the USTA we are required to incorporate. Pete Sarafian and Michael Moore in attendance suggested that we have been operating illegally and need to incorporate as a non-profit and/or charitable organization, possibly a 501c3 . This process may take several months. It may also require revisiting our By-Laws for changes. Hopefully, we can obtain guidance for this process from local organizations and the USTA. A part of Surfside Mission is to foster tennis in our local schools. This is accomplished through donations of time, materials and monies to Morro Bay High School and Los Osos Middle School throughout the year. It is therefore reasonable that Surfside be designated a charitable non-profit organization. An additional expense is expected relating to the process of incorporation.

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