2017 Surfside Spring Party - Saturday March 18, 2017

2017 Surfside Spring Party - Saturday March 18, 2017 Print
Good Morning, Surfsiders:  2017 Spring Party Pictures
As noted in Passing Shots and our website, Surfside's Spring Dinner will be at the Bayshore Village Clubhouse on Saturday, March 18 from 5 to 8 PM.  The attached flyer 2017 Spring Party Flyer and information appended below provide time, place, and potluck assignments.  This event replaces the historical progressive dinner so the potluck will be served in progressive courses: Appetizers, Salads, Main Course with side dishes, and finishing with Desserts. 
This is the absolute most fun place to be for those three hours on the Central Coast, so be sure to e-mail or call Chuck Gasperson (chuckgasperson@gmail.com or 805-440-9877) your RSVP soon in order minimize the need for reminder phone calls from our volunteers.
See you at the party and on the courts!

Surfside Tennis Club

2017 Spring Dinner

 Saturday, March 18th, 2017 5 – 8 pm

 Bayshore Village Clubhouse

184 Bayshore Drive, Morro Bay


The Club will provide: Beef Platter,Beverages



A-D     Dessert     E-K     Main Course      L-P     Appetizers      R-Z     Side Dishes    

Please RSVP to Chuck Gasperson   chuckgasperson@gmail.com or 805-440-9877

Special Thanks to our Hostess:  Carolyn McGowan

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