2017 Spring Fling Tournament Results

2017 Spring Fling Tournament Results Print
Spring Fling Tournament - 5/6/17  9am Start @LOMS Results
The Spring Fling Tournament was cancelled after 2 1/2 sets due to high winds. There are no immediate plans to reschedule. 2017 Spring Fling Tournament Pictures
Thanks to all of you for coming out to play today.. We did our best didn’t we? In the end the extraordinary wind made it a game not like tennis at all. We were there to play tennis and the wind negated that purpose.

I was worried about injury to a player in such conditions where sudden lurches for a ball tossed about by the wind might occur. But all of you said that to cease play was desirable and/or acceptable.

Thanks again and hopefully we won’t have such interference in future tournaments.

P.S. A special thanks to Tim Warlin who accepted a last minute invitation to sub for a player who couldn’t play due to an overnight sickness. Also, to Sil and Chuck for helping me with all the banners and other stuff needed to make the tournament run well.
Please support Wee Shack in Morro Bay for their gift certificates which I will use in a future tournament. I hear they have GREAT burgers.
If you need tennis stuff, please support Tennis Warehouse as they supplied us with  tennis balls as a gift for every entrant.
Jerry Davis
Tournament Chairperson
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