2017-2018 Election of Officers -

2017-2018 Election of Officers - Print

Officer Candidates for 2017-2018

·President:          Carl Pherson        Unanimous grumbling

·Vice President   James Johnston   Unanimous aye

·Secretary           Holly Simmons     Unanimous aye

·Treasurer           Robert Wills          Unanimous aye

Zero Nominations came from the floor

Announcement of  


met with resounding gratitude and praise


Membership Director      Cindee Varni

Tournament Director       Jerry Davis

Social Director                  Chuck Gasperson

Historian                           Carolyn McGowan

Editor/Publicity                Karen Beckman

CCWTL                               Vacant

I announced that Surfside has:

  • USTA Membership 
  • Been approved as a USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA)
  • Been incorporated as California Non-profit organization
  • Obtained General Liability and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance  
  • Managed to maintain the same level of dues for 2017-2018
  • Members driving on South Bay Boulevard who notice students bouncing on the tennis net cables should drive to report this vandalism to the LOMS Principal's office and notify the Vice Principal in charge of discipline as well.
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