2018 Surfside Spring Fling Tournament

2018 Surfside Spring Fling Tournament Print
Due to lack of people choosing to play on April 7Th , I have postponed the tournament. 
The new date for the Spring Fling Tournament is- APRIL 28TH.There seemed to be an inordinate number of people going out of town, attending community functions and some injured players couldn’t make it too.

So we have plenty of time to prepare for the tournament so I won’t e-mail information about it so far in advance but I hope more of you can make it that weekend. I realize some that were going to play on April 7th may not be able to play on APRIL 28TH. but that is how it is.

Let me know your status when you find out- it is a bit early to commit to play now but if you know for sure you CANNOT play that day please let me know.

Thanks so much for your patience in all of this.

Jerry Davis

P.S. The latest weather forecast for this Saturday is rain so maybe it was good we had to postpone the tournament. Remember, if it is sunny this Saturday we will have REGULAR tennis at LOMS- just no tournament.

Good rainy afternoon, Surfsiders:

As our Bylaws require two-week notification, here are the names of the nominated candidates for the highly contested election to be conducted during our required annual General Meeting between Set 2 and Set 3 at our Spring Fling Tournament at LOMS on April 28, 2018.

Officer Candidates for 2018-2019 presented by your Board serving as the nominating committee:
  • President:         Carl Pherson
  • Vice President  James Johnston
  • Secretary          Carolyn Blackman
  • Treasurer          Robert Wills
  • ( Note nominations by any member may come from the floor)
Remember our annual dues collection period is April 1-June 30 continue to be a bargain at $30.  Starting July 1, dues will be $35.  Please pay to Treasurer Robert Wills or give a $30 check to any officer who will deliver it to Robert for deposit.

One more important item:  At its last meeting, the Board authorized up to $400 for DIY re-striping of courts 1 and 2 at LOMS.  Board members suggested that some club players would be so grateful to be able to see the lines again that they may be willing to contribute donations to help defray the cost of the materials.  Again, direct any  donations to Robert Wills or an officer who will deliver them to Robert.  Non-members who play at LOMS will also be encouraged to contribute.  The project will be completed after LOMS students are on Summer Vacation.



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