Jerry Davis Retirement as Surfside Tournament Director

Jerry Davis Retirement as Surfside Tournament Director Print

Please join with me in first of all thanking Jerry Davis for his many years of service as the Tournament Chairperson for Surfside. Jerry is stepping down effective May 15, 2019. Secondly, please keep Jerry in our prayers as he recovers from a recent surgery. Thirdly, he will be turning 80 soon, and we can all extend a very Happy Birthday to Jerry. Lastly, and most importantly Jerry is asking for volunteers to step forward to fill the upcoming vacant position. Jerry's message to the club follows.


I have informed Carl Person that I will no longer be tournament chairperson as of May 15th. I will get everything ready for the tournament on May 18 but I will be unable to run the tournament itself on May 18th.  The reason I cannot run the tournament is that the weekend of the tournament my family is gathering to celebrate my 80th birthday. Some coming from as far away as Virginia.

As many of you know I had major surgery in early January and the side effects of that procedure are interfering in my daily life and may continue until January. Also, this coming birthday has led me to reflect on my life in general. I have decided I have enjoyed my work with the club but I have done it long enough. It is time for someone else to step up and take my position.

I will do my Saturday duties until April 6th- at which time my wife and I will be out of town until April 24th.   I can do the recruiting of players and the making of the charts in the week before May 18th. However someone else will have to actually run the tournament on May 18th. My last official day working Saturday play is Saturday May 11th.

I really like all of you and I am sure one ( or perhaps 2 of you can share) being Tournament Chairpeople. Even without the health concerns- I believe it would improve things if a younger, fresher brain  could take over this position.

I hope to be back playing some day and I certainly will remain a member of the club!

 I hope someone will step up. The next tournament after Spring Fling is not until the fall so plenty of time for someone to  pick my brain on how to plan a tournament.

Thanks so much. Hope to see you Saturday if it doesn’t rain.

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