2019 Spring Fling Tournament 5/18/2019 With Results

2019 Spring Fling Tournament 5/18/2019 With Results Print
Spring Fling 2019 was the most well-attended spring tournament Surfside has held in at least the decade I have been a member.  Players ranged in age from 12-years old to the mid-80s! All six MBHS courts were 'properly' filled with enthusiastic players according to the 24 player partial round-robin chart (once they figured out that Court 1 was closer to the ocean and Court 6 was closer to the animals at the school's agricultural laboratory:>)  
Thanks go to the following:  Tournament Director, Jerry Davis, diligently organized the line-up and solicited various restaurants and Tennis Warehouse for prizes.  Jerry's wife, Katie, created the professional score chart.  Maurice Gendron kindly agreed to stand-by as a substitute for any injuries or late arrivals.  Keith Crowfoot served as official photographer.  
Top scoring players got restaurant gift cards and a can of balls used in the tournament.  All other participants went home with a can of new tennis balls. 

2019 Spring Fling Group Photo  2019 Spring Fling Photos

Here are the results:
Odd numbered players' top scores:
  • First:        Josh Ross-------   20 games
  • Second:   Rose Bodrian-----19 games
Even numbered players' top scores
  • First:         Louise Brash------22 games 
  • Second:   Cindee Varni-------20 games
Six players scored 18 wins each, giving the awardees tough competition:
  • Lynne Robinett
  • Dave Dauer
  • Jane Von Koehe
  • Dianne Newman
  • Ethan Bell
  • Greg Doyle
Please be sure to mention your appreciation to the following businesses that have been supporting Surfside by donating prizes for our tournaments over the past two years: 
  • Tennis Warehouse
  • Dorns
  • Windows on the Water
  • Thai Bounty
  • Mi Casa
  • Taco Temple
  • LoLo’s
  • Wee Shack
  • Grill Hut

Don’t be put off by solid rain predicted. It is supposed to begin tonight about 8pm and stop tomorrow about 8am Thursday. Friday is all clear and rain may start again about 5pm Saturday. So we have plenty of time for courts to dry out before we play and the tournament should be finished way before rain may begin again.

Obviously, if forecast changes, I will let you know.
 We will have 24 players and I have separated them into 12 odd numbered players and 12 even numbered players. We will be using the Saturday chart for 24 people where each team will consist of one Odd player and one even player. Each set the partners will change. You will not have the same partner for each set. 

If a set ends in a 4 to 4 games tie then each member of the team is awarded 4 games and each member gets a set award of 1/2 set. At the end of the 4 sets the player with the highest total games won is the winner. Should there be a tie then whoever won the most sets will be the winner. We have more than a couple of gift card awards so they will be allocated based on other players scores.

Those of you have played in tournaments past will understand the routine. For others, Carl and others there will be able to quickly get you up to speed.

 No food or water will be supplied so if you need such things then be sure to bring them along.

Please have fun- that is what tennis is all about!

Jerry Davis

P.S.  I will get the prizes, assign the partners, make the charts etc. but I won’t be able to be at the tournament itself. I need someone or two to monitor and record the scores.
Also, I can use someone to just be there in case someone doesn’t show up or gets injured.

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