2019 Wretched Tournament - MBHS - Sept. 21, 2019

2019 Wretched Tournament - MBHS - Sept. 21, 2019 Print
Hello all,
Thanks for a really fun morning out there at MBHS. The heat kicked in as the hour grew later, as did the wind... but nothing was going to get in the way of our good time! 2019 Wretched Tournament Group Photo . Lara, your 2019 Wretched Tournament Director Lara Henry 2019 Wretched Tournament Director
Your results are as follows:
Tier one bracket winners walked away with a Talley Vineyard "Tour and Taste" package for 6, a value of $150! Congratulations to: 
Greg Doyle and Holly Simmons!

Tier Two bracket winners each chose a $25 gift certificate, one for Dorn's and the other for Milanese/Thai Bounty. Congratulations to:
Keith Crowfoot and Morri Nash!
Tier Three Bracket winners each chose a $25 gift certificate, one for Dorn's and the other for Mi Casa. Congratulations to:
Colt Wilkinson and Diane Newman!
Thanks to Sil, we were all rewarded with sandwiches, snacks, cold drinks and a bit if shade after playing!
And, of course, thank you to Carl and Keith for your constant work in all things Surfside related.
I hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as I did. There was some great hitting, some good laughs, and some Wretched sore bodies by the end... and that's what it's all about!

Attached is the bracket scoring Tournament Standings for those who want to study in and try to understand it for next year... ??
Our traditional Welcome Back social and picnic for all members has morphed into a six foot long submarine sandwich tailgate event for September 21, 2019 TOMORROW.  All members are welcome to cheer the dozen teams in Wretched competition and enjoy the camaraderie  and light lunch. Potluck contributions (primarily desserts as per our newsletter) are welcome.  Bleacher seating is available, but your own portable chairs or bleacher cushions may be more comfortable.  Remember sunscreen and/or hats to avoid sunburn.  

The Triple Elimination format rules are as follows:

1.       We will play nine fast games in each set – no ad scoring, no win by two rule. At tie break point, receiving team can choose who takes the serve.

2.       All players will play in the first bracket. The winners of that set will move on to the ‘winners’ bracket, the losers of that set will move on to the ‘losers’ bracket.

3.       All players will play in the second bracket. (Winners vs. winners, losers vs losers).

4.       All players will play in the third bracket. (Two time winners vs two time winners; teams with < two wins vs. teams with < two wins).

5.       Players who lost all three sets are eliminated after the third round; players who one at least one of the first three sets will go on to a fourth round.

a.       At this point, the explanation gets tricky, so just suffice it to say that there will be 3 courts, each vying it out for their tier. If you are curious as to how that pans out, let me know and I’ll happily talk it out with you. My guess is most of you are out there to have some fun competition and will happily let me do the thinking… so I’ll leave it there!

At this point we do not have a sub standing by, so please notify me as soon as absolutely possible if something comes up and you can’t make it. 

Till then, I’m wishing you all health, happiness, and time in your schedule to catch one good sunset.


Lara Henry

Teams you will be cheering are:

Janell and Paul Spencer

Barb Babka and Sil Desantis

Katie Silva and James Silva

Holly Simmons and Greg Doyle

Kathy Dannecker and Carl Pherson

Jane Van Koehe & Choy Jung

Josh Ross &Rose Bodrian

Morri Nash andKeith Crowfoot

Cil Boughton & Roman Silva

Dianne Newman & Colt Wilkinson

Carolyn Blackman &Maurice Gendron

Lynne Robinett and Dave Dauer

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