Surfside Board Meeting October 30, 2020 ZOOM @ 3:30 pm

Surfside Board Meeting October 30, 2020 ZOOM @ 3:30 pm Print
Good afternoon, Surfside Boarders:
Please review the attached Agenda Oct 30, 2020 and  August 28, 2020 Minutes for our previously scheduled ZOOM meeting 10/30/2020 at 3:30PM.  Please be on computer standby as I will be sending the group Email invitation about 3:28 PM in time for us all to check in.  It will be obvious to long-term Board members that this Fall Meeting Agenda is relatively brief as we have been on Club-sponsored-events hiatus due to Covid-19.
This notice is going to Tim Warlin for our Teamopolis Website also, so any member who wishes to listen in may request that she or he be invited.
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